I am currently a PhD candidate at the School of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication and a Graduate Fellow at the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History at the University of Texas at Dallas, in Dallas, Texas. I am currently on the revisions phase of my dissertation (woohoo!). In my transdisciplinary research I combine creative practice, field research and theory together to study interactive and participatory experiences in public spaces. In my dissertation I analyze the experiences that interactives offer to participants – which I call mediated experiences – and how specific elements of the pieces contribute to the experience. My goal is to develop design practices deeply rooted in the synergy between practice, theory and field research that produce the precise experiences we want to offer to participants.

I am an artist, researcher and designer interested in interactive and participatory experiences in public spaces, public interactives, interactive design, participatory art, critical theory, social justice, and art as social practice. My practice is often inspired by Latino authors and magical realism. My installations are intimately connected with space/place, and often comment on the public spaces they are located, or use the place as a main element to produce the experience. Some of my practice consists of poetic, absurd, or surreal experiences that encourage participants to question norms and rules. I design pieces that afford reflections about the worlds we live in, and invite participants to imagine which other worlds we could create and inhabit.

You can download my full CV here.


Public Interactives Research Team/Public Interactives Research Lab (PIRL) – directed by Anne Balsamo, Dale MacDonald and Heidi Cooley

Since 2014 I am a member of the Public Interactives Research Team. First based at The New School, in New York, NY, we were renamed as Public Interactives Research Lab when we moved to the University of Texas at Dallas, TX. I have contributed in design research projects of the lab, such as the AIDS Quilt Touch project, given workshops, and taken a student leadership role in the organization, planning and execution of the activities of the lab.

Laboratory for Synthetic and Electronic Poetry (LabSynthE) – directed by xtine burrough

Since 2016 I have worked with LabSynthE in several participatory art pieces which have been installed in different festivals and conferences. I have taken a student leadership role and contributed to all parts of the creative process of our pieces, from inception, production, installation, documentation, and publication. Currently I am contributing to two projects of the lab, “Picturing Us” and “One Breath Poem – Message for a Revolution,” as well as leading the participatory project “AIDS Quilt Block for an Imagined Genealogy of Michel Foucault.”