Contested Spaces: How We Made an Audio Quilt of One Thousand Names

by xtine burrough and Letícia Ferreira
Trace Journal Issue 3: How We Make, September 2019

The Radium Girls: A Radically Advancing Tour of Exit Signs

by xtine burrough and Letícia Ferreira.
Proceedings of xCoAx 2018

In Press

One Breath Poem: A Telematic Revolution, with xtine burrough, Sabrina Starnaman, Fiona Haborak, and Cynthia O’Neill, a chapter of Art as Social Practice: Technologies for Change, edited by xtine burrough and Judy Walgren, Routledge.

Streams from the Past

by Murilo de Paiva Homsi and Letícia Ferreira
Proceedings of xCoAx 2018