Only One

What: An audio augmented reality experience.

When: Fall 2015

Display History:
October 2015 – Williamsburg Bridge, New York, NY.

Exploring my relationship and contemplation of the city through its bridges, I designed a soundscape which mixed sounds recorded at the bridge and the reading of a poem about New York. I generated QR codes that were then installed in the bridge, and which would take the interactor to an audio experience designed to be listened to while walking on the bridge. The soundscape started very quiet, and got increasingly noisy and convoluted, until it abruptly stopped. It was designed to stop when the interactor is right in the middle of the bridge, not in Manhattan nor Brooklyn, just standing over the water. The abrupt stop invited the interactor to also stop and listen to the real time, natural soundscape of the bridge, encouraging a contemplative moment in the in-between of the bridge. The piece also explored the ephemeral nature of art in the public space of a city, and the QR codes were made with materials that would deteriorate quickly.