Tag: poetic

  • Syntonic Refuge

    Syntonic Refuge

    An interactive shawl that bring people closer through their heart beats.

  • Streams from the Past

    Streams from the Past

    Interactive installation about layers of the past.

  • Audio Quilt of a Thousand Names

    Audio Quilt of a Thousand Names

    Participatory piece which invites the public to memorialize people who died of HIV/AIDS.

  • Touch Me

    Touch Me

    Touch Me – intervention on the building of the School of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication at UT Dallas.

  • Only One

    Only One

    What: An audio augmented reality experience. When: Fall 2015 Display History:October 2015 – Williamsburg Bridge, New York, NY. Exploring my relationship and contemplation of the city through its bridges, I designed a soundscape which mixed sounds recorded at the bridge and the reading of a poem about New York. I generated QR codes that were…