AIDS Quilt for an Imagined Genealogy of Michel Foucault

Collaboration as a member of LabSynthE (Laboratory for Electronic and Synthetic Poetry)

What: Collaborative AIDS Quilt block for Michel Foucault.

When: Fall 2018 – present (in progress).

Statement by LabSynthE:

We are making a 12 by 12 foot AIDS Quilt block in honor of Michel Foucault (1926-1984) for registration and circulation by the National AIDS Memorial. The AIDS Memorial Quilt is the largest ongoing community art project in the world. It has been displayed on the Washington DC Mall six times with immeasurable aesthetic and political impact. People create two by three foot panels on which the names of loved ones who died of HIV/AIDS complications are written and memorialized. The panels are sewn together in configurations of 8 to create 12 by 12 foot blocks. Across the changing landscape of the past decades, the Quilt has been and continues to be an important tool of education and political action, raising awareness and pressuring government and other stakeholders to look for solutions to the AIDS epidemic.

We are making the first complete 12 by 12 foot block to honor Foucault’s wide-ranging scholarship. We have invited participants to submit a 12 inch by 12 inch square that we will sew together, and a letter accompanying each square. Participants were encouraged to submit a design that resonates with the scholarship and impact of Foucault’s work across disciplines and generations.

So far we have collected contributions from several participants, planned and started to sew the block. We are currently on the process of sewing the square contributions.