Streams from the Past

In collaboration with Murilo de Paiva Homsi.

What: Interactive installation using two sets of projectors and cameras.

When: Fall of 2016 – 2018.

Display History:
July 2018 – C Arte C gallery at the Museo del Traje, xCoAx, Madrid, Spain.
May 2018 – Plano Art Fest, Plano, TX.
November 2017 – HASTAC conference, Orlando, FL.
May 2017 – As part of the Neighbours’ Weeds show at Central Trak, Dallas, TX.
March 2017 – School of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication (ATEC), University of  Texas at Dallas.
November 2016 – As part of the Big Dada performance at the Center for Creative Connections, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX.

Publishing History: we published a paper about this piece in the proceedings of xCoAx 2018.

Social Media video-centric platforms, such as Snapchat, YouTube Live, Twitch and Instagram Stories afford anyone to live stream their daily life. The possibility to gaze into this multitude of presents encourages a belief that all that is seen is “real”, that is, spontaneous and natural. Live stream is seen as an open window into the streamer’s private life, a gaze into a reality of non-pre-planned actions. Streams from the Past is an interactive installation that questions such concepts by offering a space for contemplation of one’s performance in the world, showing multiple layers of one’s recent past. The piece consists of two sets of computer, projector and camera and each set is positioned in a manner to create an “infinite mirror” effect. Each camera is set on a different time delay, so visitors are able to face their multiple pasts from different angles and times.The installation uses the same tools that could be used for live streaming to create an immersive environment that subvert the idea of a live stream, encouraging one to face their own performances within different layers of past.